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Recall Jesus’ commandment for us to, “Go and make disciples of all nations.” God’s ‘government’ begins in the heart of the individual. Understanding those things that are directing, regulating, controlling, and restraining your thoughts and actions to be a faithful disciple we need to first understand the standards that have been given to us by God through the Bible.


God has entrusted women uniquely as we bring harmony, inspiration, and nurturing to all we do. As women, we need to love, encourage, champion, and support one another. Together we can engage in important conversations during this time in history to answer the call and make a lasting difference for this generation and future generations. We learn from each other as we engage in the crucial conversations of our day becoming iron sharpening iron to gain insights and solutions for the challenges that we face. That in turn provokes us to the greater calling for us to lead like Jesus while becoming the effective leaders and influencers of our day, for the glory of God.


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