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Personal Leadership Effectiveness (PLE)

We all want to lead our lives well.

Some people have good intentions but never accomplish their goals because they dream about ideas but never act on them.


“A dream without action is just a wish list.”


Using the MERIT Profile™ character and behavior assessment you are able to gain insight into your unique Character Competencies and Behavior Traits to operate from your strengths and develop weak areas.  Your Development Results Report is an invaluable tool as you build the  foundation of your Attitudes, Beliefs and Commitments. 

​Using a combination of the MERIT Profile Assessment, PLE Learning Methodology, and Coaching you can improve your  Personal Leadership Effectiveness

and with focused attention can develop a Life*Time Operating System ™ that will lay the foundation for building, sustaining and Achieving Authentic Success.  


To receive your personal MERIT Profile Assessment and 13-page Development Report email: Kimberly@thevinesolution.com

Price: $125.00 includes 1 hour coaching session