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Authentic Women at the Vine

is a place where women are invited to abide in JESUS

and grow in faith through bible study and self-reflection

to be a light in their world.  

We are called to be the light ...

I invite you to grow in your personal and professional impact through the many resources, assessments, Bible Studies, and stories you will find here.  It is time for women to answer the call to arise and be a faithful witness of JESUS to become a beacon light in the darkness!


I welcome you to share your own personal story as you experience transformation as you study God's Word.

"You are special, you are created in the image of God

and designed to Make a Difference"

We all have an opportunity to make a difference.  We bring the light of Christ as a mother, daughter, friend, our colleagues, and the many other roles we have in our life.  Sometimes managing all of these roles and responsibilities can be a challenge. I hear this from many women as I lead conferences and workshops who desire to maintain their home, raise their children, invest in their spouse, support meaningful  friendships as well as manage their professional career and to do all this with grace and poise.  But, some may say,  "How can I do it all?" 

The Answer

The Bible is the plumb-line for defining the foundations of our life and the principles we live by.

It takes thoughtful and intentional study to learn how to apply God's Word and gain a biblical mindset that can be observed in our attitudes, words and actions.  So the development of our character is of utmost importance for us to be empowered to reflect His light and grace into every sphere of influence where God has placed us.   


God's desire is that we would join Him in building the Kingdom of God and making disciples.  


Only as we discover the answers to the age old questions; Who am I?  Why was I created?  and...What is my purpose? ...will we be able to walk in light of God's true design for our life and let His Kingdom shine through all that we do. 


With God's help and with intentional focus on the right things we will truly enjoy the grace and poise of becoming a virtuous woman of service to her King that is able to make a difference and become a Women of Impact.



Our focus is to establish a solid character-based foundation that is capable of equipping women to have a biblically-based process for decision making.  In a time when there are many 'who call evil god and good evil' we must closely study and clearly understand the biblical foundations for what we believe so that we can convincingly bring to bear the principles and solutions found in God's Word to the issues and challenges our families and communities are facing.

We are called to SHINE BRIGHTLY to reveal the imprint of HIS HOLINESS as we walk in light of HIS WORD.

Ephesians 5:15-18 "Therefore be very careful how you live - not as unwise but as wise, taking advantage of every opportunity, because the days are evil.  For this reason, do not be foolish, but we wise by understanding what the LORD's will is."


In Leadership

The Women of Impact Initiative

is designed to equip, empower, and engage women of faith to make a transformational difference in their families, work, church and community.


Prayer Initiative

Click here to learn more about the Women of Impact Empowerment Series that focuses on prayer and restoring the biblical character of our great United States of America.



A woman who knows herself is able to give of herself to others.  She is able to view herself through the lens of the spirit and believes that when God said,

“it is good”    He meant it.  


Women at TheVine
Becoming a light in the darkness

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