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Training and development are at the heart of my mission. I help people, churches, and organizations develop professional leadership integrating timeless principles that lay a strong foundation to develop peak performance. My greatest reward is seeing people and organizations thrive.


When people or projects are out of alignment that is the time to take a step back and look at the big picture.  Where do you want to be and how do you want your people to engage with your vision and mission, how do you want them to perform? Developing a customized approach for leaders to excel their teams are my specialty! 


Expertise: Project Management / Process Improvement, Manager Team Development, Creating  Healthy Cultures, Vision, Mission, and Values Development.

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Life Coaching

becoming the woman of God,

He intended for you to be...


The MERIT Profile™ Assessment 

measures 10 key-character competencies that are important for success.

When your character strengths are identified you are able to focus on these strengths to maximize your personal and professional activities and relationships. As well you will learn character development areas which when worked on can improve how you manage life activities and relationships for optimal outcomes.   Self-awareness is your friend!

The MERIT Profile is a professionally constructed 60-question survey

that takes 15 minutes to complete. Once complete you will receive a detailed personalized Development Report that measures your strengths and areas of improvement + 4 Behavior Traits.

Becoming Your Best Self.

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