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Dr. Jim Henry

Pastor Emeritus, First Baptist Church Orlando

"I found Kimberly's work to be informative, instructive, and inspiration. Anyone who is serious about experiencing and expressing the life of Jesus will find It's Simply Time and excellent companion in their faith journey.

 Judy Douglass

Wife of Campus Crusade for Christ President, Steve Douglass

Orlando, Florida

“You will love Kimberly Hooper!  A multi-gifted woman, she has much to offer in many arenas, on many topics. Kimberly is skilled as an organizer, planner, strategist and communicator.  I have observed her work in content development and presentation.  She is engaging as a speaker, leading her audience to clear understanding and appropriate application.  But even more important than her leading and speaking abilities is her character.  She is a trustworthy, positive and authentic person, speaking out of the stellar person that she is.”

Linda Knott - Staff Wife and Teacher of Women with Purpose Life Group

at First Baptist Church Orlando

I have known Kimberly for over 30 years.  She is a gifted speaker and writer.  She has a unique ability to communicate truth and to give practical application.  More impressive than her speaking and writing abilities is her integrity and her passionate pursuit to know and do the will of God for her life.  She is an intense student of the Word of God to first of all deepen her walk and witness for Christ.

Sharon Marosi

Small Group Leader, Life Church Orlando

If you are a woman who desires a positive change, It's Simply Time resource is designed to empower Christian women who desire to restore our country to its biblical foundations. With an emphasis on building individual Christian character through each lesson of It's Simply Time it guides women to fulfill God's purpose for their lives, thereby impacting their world for Christ.


Kimberly Love

Florida Chapter President - Business Professional of Entrepreneurs

Kimberly is an excellent speaker who brings life to a room.  Her visual props, organization and dynamic content make her a wonderful communicator.  She had an in-depth knowledge of many of the struggles that busy entrepreneurs face and she brought real solutions to the table.  Our group loved her!

Dr. Samantha Phillips, Pastor

Kimberly is an expert, seasoned speaker whose skill in reaching and touching her audience is notably advanced and effective.  However, her most priceless trait as a speaker and leader isn't her skill, it is her authentic heart and passion for inspiring and helping people.  When you couple advanced speaking skill with uncommon passion and heart, you get a tremendous asset to any event or training.  I highly recommend Kimberly Hooper for your next event or training.

Gail Porter ~ Associate Director of The Significance Project

Kimberly has a heart for women, which is obvious when she begins speaking.  Her stories, examples and questions have a way of opening women up to discover their special design by God and the potential God has built into their lives.  She is experienced as a speaker and is articulate, poised and Christ-centered in her presentations.  Her insights and creative abilities are positive characteristics for building a memorable event that will be remembered by her audience as she encourages each woman to take active steps in knowing God and living out the passion He's place in her heart.


Karen Faith Heller - Director Way Cool Angels

Dallas, Texas |  Cabo San Lucas

Way Cool Angels highly recommends Kimberly Hooper as an amazing conference speaker and organizational team development. Spanning years of extensive business and ministry Kimberly is an endless fountain of valuable information.  Kimberly has a special way of connecting with the audience that immediately also connects their hearts to the message.  She is very effective in helping women grow in their relationship with God, with their spouses, with their children and parents, with their friends, and with each other. When she shares her personal stories, they are heartfelt and touching, and sincerely engage the women.


Through Kimberly’s seminars, we have seen women’s lives transformed in all areas of their lives and businesses. They have become more effective team members and more aware of how God is working in their lives. She shares extensive knowledge of the bible with kindness and warmth and encourages others to grow in God’s Word. Kimberly is gifted in empowering women to be all that they can be, and all that they can achieve, for the Glory of God! Kimberly is a tremendous trainer for any organization looking to further the development of women. We are continually blessed by her presentations, conferences and training sessions.


Michele Reynolds

"A truly engaging and creative teacher!

 Pastor Ramel Garcia - Senior Pastor

Orlando, Florida

"It is easy to get caught up in the everyday task of living that we lose sight of why we live.

Kimberly helped our church, especially our women, to develop a personal mission statement.  Kimberly's experience and expertise has prepared her to equip others to live a purposeful life."

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