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  • Maximizing Your Personal Leadership Effectiveness (includes Participant Guide)

  • PEARLS (Includes Participant Guide)

         -Pursue Your Uniqueness​

         -Embrace The Source

         -Activate Your Mission 

         -Realign Rigorously

         - Live Intentional

          -Sustain For Life

  • Achieving Authentic Success (includes PDF Book)

  • SHINE - Woman * God's Gift to Man

  • Time Management

  • The Lord's Prayer - Interactive

  • Authentic Women of Impact (prayer initiative)

  • Maximizing Team Effectiveness (Includes MERIT Profile Assessment)

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  • Retreats are centered around an individual's personal journey to learn leadership effectiveness in life and/or work depending on the session focus. 

  • All Retreats are planned to be engaging, refreshing and restorative in nature. 

  • Sessions include instruction with handouts, interactive  activities, group discussion, and life application tools that can be applied after retreat is over. 

  • Retreat schedule will include time to meet new people and have interaction to make meaningful connections.

  • Participants will find encouragement to face and overcome the barriers that may keep them from becoming all that God created them to be and to do what God is calling them to do.

  • Retreats are inspirational  sessions to equip women for this beautiful journey called LIFE.


The more we fill our hearts and minds with God's Word, the more we are able to "be a light" and reflect the truth of His life, His Spirit of holiness, His Presence of love into the world.

Ephesians 2:22