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Come away my beloved...

Kimberly brings training in leadership to groups of all sizes from small gatherings to large conferences.  All retreats are educational, relational, engaging, fun, refreshing and restorative in nature.  She has several retreat topics or can deliver a custom message that fits with the intent of the gathering of women.  

Sessions include:

  • Participant Materials

  • Interactive Activities

  • Group Discussion

  • Life Application Tools

  • Prayer 


“You will love Kimberly Hooper!  She is engaging as a speaker, leading her

audience to clear understanding and appropriate application.  But even more important

than her leading and speaking abilities is her character.  She is a trustworthy, positive and

authentic person, speaking out of the stellar person that she is.”

Judy Douglass

Wife of Campus Crusade for Christ President, Steve Douglass

Orlando, Florida

 "Kimberly has a special way of connecting with the audience that immediately also connects their hearts to the message.  She is very effective in helping women grow in their relationship with God, with their spouses, with their children and parents, with their friends, and with each other. When she shares her personal stories, they are heartfelt and touching, and sincerely engage the women."

Karen Faith Garcia

Director of Way Cool Angels

Cabo, San Lucas Mexico


  • It's Simply Time A journey for Christian women to become a light in the darkness

  • MAXIMIZERS  10 biblically-based principles that develop Personal Leadership Effectiveness

  • SHINE The role of a women from a biblical perspective

  • The Lord's Prayer Interactive Prayer Experience

  • America  Prayer for Revival and Spiritual Awakening

  • Keep Your Wicks Trimmed Preparation for the Bride of Christ

  • The Beatitudes Demonstrating the Character of Jesus

  • The Armor of God Confidence to face the battle as Christ's soldier

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Life coaching

becoming the woman of God, He intended for you to be...

MERIT Profile Assessment

The MERIT Profile™ Assessment is a great way to get a baseline measure for ten key Character Competencies that help you to identify your strengths and areas to work on to achieve biblical authentic success. It is recommended to use with the It's Simply Time Leadership Training

The MERIT Profile is a professionally constructed 60-question survey

that takes 15 minutes to complete, produces a personalized Development Report.


The more we fill our hearts and minds with God's Word, the more we are able to "be a light" and reflect the truth of His life, His Spirit of holiness, His Presence of love into the world.

Ephesians 2:22


Women at TheVine
Becoming a light in the darkness

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