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Equipping the Church with a Modern-Day Discipleship Model built upon a Biblical Foundation of PLE


What is PLE?

"PLE is the developing the skill of leading and governing your life according to Biblical Principles, so that you can fulfill your God-given purpose and teach others to do the same."


It's Simply Time Discipleship Training Resource is a unique study in develop personal leadership.  As women apply the 10 biblically based principles in their attitudes, beliefs and commitments they are able to become a light for Christ in every area of their life.

Resource includes It's Simply Time Membership and MERIT Profile Assessment/Development Report.

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MERIT Profile Assessment

The MERIT Profile™ Assessment measures ten Character Competencies and four behavior traits and is used with the Authentic It's Simply Time Study. 

The MERIT Profile is a professionally constructed 60-question survey

that takes 15 minutes to complete, produces a personalized Development Report.

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Every woman is unique.  Your charted path is different than anyone else on the earth.  As a corporate coach I have helped hundreds of women learn tools that help them maximize their personal and professional impact in the important areas of life that contribute to achieving Authentic Success. 

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Personal or Professional Coaching

Mission Statement Development

Have you ever wondered how some people accomplish great things while you seem to never get ahead with your life goals?


A Mission Statement will help you to make the right decisions, help you to set the right priorities and help to keep you on course.  It can become a compass to guide you as you seek to fulfill all that God has purposed for you in your life and work.   



(Step-by-Step Mission Coaching Session)


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Online Courses

Online Courses area  great way to bring teams together to build a leadership culture.  These courses are available on-line or can be leader led with a Certified PLE Consultant.  If you would like to learn more information about these courses connect here:


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