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The more we fill our hearts and minds with God's Word, the more we are able to "be a light" and reflect the truth of His life, His Spirit of holiness, His Presence of love into the world.

Ephesians 2:22

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MERIT Profile Assessment

The MERIT Profile™ Assessment measures ten Character Competencies and four behavior traits and is used with the Authentic Women of Impact Study. 

The MERIT Profile is a professionally constructed 60-question survey

that takes 15 minutes to complete, produces a personalized Development Report, 

and is used as a companion to the AW of Impact Study.




An on-site interactive Workshop for women to discover key-leadership skills that impact their Attitudes, Beliefs and  Commitments.  As women learn about Personal Leadership Effectiveness (PLE) they are able to understand the strengths to maximize their personal and professional life. 


PLE is the foundation to building a Life*Time Operational System.


One-Day Workshop ($250.00 per person)

Each Participant receives:

  • MERIT Profile Assessment and  Development Report

  • Authentic Woman Participant Guide

  • Certified Instructor

  • PLE E-Book

  • 52-weekly Maximizer Insights

  • MP-3 Audios (after class 6 hours of valuable learning)

Personal Leadership Effectiveness 

Discover Your Significance

In this Life-Coaching Study
  • You will grow in your intimacy with God

  • You will discover your unique personal uniqueness

  • You will learn how to integrate who God has created you to be and what His personal mission is for you.

Ten lessons that women to live a biblical life with clarity and purpose.

Individual  Order The Significant Woman

Retreat price:  $125.00 per person (includes Participant Guide)

Every woman is unique.  Your charted path is different than anyone else on the earth.  As a life coach I have helped hundreds of women learn tools that heal their heart and support their life aspirations.  To schedule an initial one-one-one on-line coaching session to see if I would be a good fit to meet your life goals click the learn more tab below.


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Life Coaching

Create Your Mission Statement

Have you ever wondered how some people accomplish great things while you seem to never get ahead with your dreams?


Creating a Mission Statement will help you to:

     Uncover your Passion, Experiences and Gifts
     Define your Values and Core Values
     Uncover how you want to Make a Difference
    Build a Framework for Decision Making

$50.00 (Step-by-Step Tool 30 min. Coaching Session)