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Kimberly is the Author of the newly published It's Simply Time Resource for Christian women.  This national initiative is engaging, equipping, and empowering Christian women across America to understand what the Bible says about the current issues that they are facing in their churches and communities.  When Authentic Godly Women bring the truth of God's Word to bear on the current challenges that our families, schools, and communities are experience, it will bring faith, courage and renewed hope so the Body of Christ can be a light in the darkness.




Our FAMILIES are challenged.

Our CHURCHES are challenged.

Our COMMUNITIES are challenged.

Our WORKPLACES are challenged.

Our COUNTRY is significantly challenged

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Ten Biblical Character Competencies
that lead to

Personal Leadership Effectiveness

Business Meeting at a Cafe

Community Impact Associate
Are you someone who is passionate about sharing ministry resources that can transform women's lives as they draw closer to the Lord?

To learn more how you can become a part of this special mobilizing team click on the link below.


Online Courses

Online Courses are underdevelopment. Stay tuned...


Women at TheVine
Becoming a light in the darkness

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