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The Shine Your Light Project is developing several Bible Studies to inspire women to live a transformed life in Christ and return to intentional Bible Study to know Him and to make Him known. Together we can bring faith, courage and renewed hope to our world.


Bible Study for Women

Launches April 2023 - Pre-order TODAY!

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We appreciate our donors who help us develop resources for the Body of Christ. If you would like to give click here.


Calling Ministry Leaders
As a Ministry Leader I would love to share with you how you can become a part of this special mobilizing team to share with women in your local community.

Development Downloads
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Do you need to get a new mindset in an area of your life? Healthy HABITS will help you to get started

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Establishing Priorities 

Setting Goals &

Defining your goals is a crucial step to help you achieve your objectives. 

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Fruit of Your Life Activity

Evaluating your thoughts, emotions and actions through Psalm 139

Beach Sun Protection

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