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The Table

Updated: Jul 28, 2019

The Table is the centerpiece of the HOME. It is a place where family gathers to spend time together for meals, special occasions and to entertain friends. I was particularly blessed to have a Grandmother who taught me all about table settings, selecting meats, vegetables and sides, and special desserts. But what I learned most from her gracious hospitality was her warmth and her laughter when we were all together. I think she was truly happiest when we were all sitting around her table. I got that from her.

When we entertain, we make the people in our lives a priority. It is a way to show that we want to do something of value for the people we invite - that we want to give them a place of honor in our home - The Table. I think the most holy place in our homes is The Table. It is the "gathering place". It is the place where we share communion breaking bread and drinking wine with our friends and family. It is where we share our greatest joys and sometimes the sorrows of our life. It is where we build our family and lifelong friendships, play games, birth ministries, console those that are hurting, make disciples, save marriages, and solve problems.

I believe it is a place that women need to "guard".

So many have let a busy schedule shorten the time at The Table. Or we've moved away from The Table and sit at the TV or eat on the run to the next event.

When was the last time you had meaningful time around the table serving those that you love sharing stories and laughing until you could not laugh anymore? Or had a significant conversation that inspired you to think differently about a topic or launched something brand new?

If Jesus said, I go to prepare a place for you and included a banquet you think it is a priority to God?

Think about The Table in your home. What does it mean to you? What does it say to those that are in your life?

Food for thought...

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